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Viatur since 1995VIATUR has specialized since 1995 in organizing Groups. Our niche is Escorted Tours and Vacation packages around the world, for the Spanish-Speaking Traveler, but we also coordinate English Tours upon request.

We have ample experience coordinating large groups for company incentives, family reunions and destination weddings in multiples resorts around the world or aboard cruises.  We have successfully organized groups in excess of 200 passengers.

Our experience is first-hand knowledge, our staff has visited and inspected an average of sixty (60) countries around the world including 3, 4, 5+ star luxury hotels, therefore, we can surely advise you and suggest the best places to enjoy a vacation depending on your budget and ways of getting the most out of your trip, honeymoon or family reunion.

If you and/or family would like to enjoy a tour to Europe, the Holy Land, China, Greece, South America, a Cruise etc. please call us at 1-888-2-VIATUR or email us with your plans.

Although, many of our clients are bilingual, they often prefer a tour in Spanish even though we can also provide you with an English speaking tour.

Sharing a trip with other Hispanic travel partners, create a familiar cultural ambiance and an enjoyable fun environment.

Also, Spanish speaking tours are less expensive and the time spent in major cities is greater than the English counterpart. Example: our tours always include 3 nights in cities like Paris or Rome.  English tours normally include only 2 nights in these beautiful major cities and the price difference averages about $200 less per person for a Viatur Spanish speaking tour.    

Therefore, whenever you are ready for a true PLEASURE TRIP like a Cruise, Tour or Vacation Package (airfare, airport transfers, hotel, perhaps meals) to any part of the world, please allow VIATUR the opportunity to be of service.