(Reservations/Deposits and Final payment:

To make a reservation, we require a signed Reservation Form along with a legible copy of passenger's passport plus a deposit of $500 per person for space in tour (land services).  Airfare is separate and it must be paid in full, when you make the reservation (prices cannot be on-hold, airlines change prices continuously), it is recommended to purchase airline ticket 4-6 months in advance or more if its around the Holidays.  Final payment for tour/land services will be due 60 days prior to the departure date. Cruises require 90 days prior to departure. It is the responsibility of the passenger to ensure that final payment reaches Viatur on time, otherwise, a late fee of $50 will be added and possible loss of deposit and/or cancellation of travel services can occur. On bookings made within 60 days from departure date, full and final payment will be due immediately upon booking. No booking will be considered confirmed until payment is received by Viatur.  If you are purchasing for a third party, a copy of credit card front and back plus official Federal or State ID to match credit card is necessary to make payment.  If paying by credit card a convenience fee of 2.5% will be added to the invoice.  You may avoid the fee by paying by Zelle or cash.  Checks will be accepted, if departure date is more than 60 days, from date on check. IMPORTANT:  Please note that our collection of scheduled GROUPS that include airfare in the price have separate conditions of payment.  It is a package deal that includes everything needed to accomplish your trip.  A deposit of $500 will be required to initiate reservation; a second deposit of $1000 will be required 30 days after reservation date and a final payment will be due 90 days before departure.  If the reservation is made within the 90 days, full payment will be due. NOTE: In same cases the payments may be requested sooner to avoid an increase in price or taxes. The increase in gas, energy and inflation have caused airfare, hotels, tour buses, transfers etc to increase.

(Passport and visas:

A valid passport (good for at least 6 months after date of return) is required.  If travelling internationally, your passport must have at least 3 blank pages for arrival stamps. Some countries require visas and you must apply, pay and obtain yourself.  Some countries may require additional documents or vaccinations and you should contact consulates of the countries to be visited at least 90 days before departure. The possession of the required travel documents, like valid passport, visas, vaccinations, Covid test etc. is the sole responsibility of the passenger. Viatur assumes no liability for lack of same.  If your flight makes a connection, in some cases, you might need a transit visa.  Proof of Covid-19 vaccine, is required as of April 2021 for international travel.  (i.e. passengers leaving from a Latin American country that don't possess a visa for the US or Canada, cannot transit through these countries and need a direct flight or a connection in a country with no visa requirement).


Tour operator allows ONLY one suitcase (50 lbs) in the luggage compartment and one small bag on-board the motor-coach to fit under the seat.  Luggage is the responsability of the passenger and he/she must be present to ensure baggage is on-board the motor-coach at every hotel/city change.  Airline regulations for check-in baggage and carry-on vary from airline to airline and some charge a fee for bags and even for seat assignments.  Most, but not all airlines, allow one 50 lb bag max weight and 62 linear inches, plus one carry-on bag 20 pounds/39 linear inches. Please check baggage fees and weight allowance with your scheduled airline.  Viatur is not responsible for baggage damage during trip.  Airline policy changes on baggage often, but at the moment most airlines charge for check-in baggage and some even for carry-on.

(Travel Insurance:

As of January 2021 most of our Central Europe tours include BASIC Travel Insurance (provided by tour operator) which covers any Covid-19 (illness) that affects your travel plans before or during your travels.  A more comprehensive Travel Insurance is recommended for your piece of mind to cover hospitalization, lost or stolen baggage etc. please inquire with your VIATUR travel consultant for pricing and more information (must be purchased within 7 days of deposit).  Please note that Covid-19 coverage applies only if you or someone in your travel group is sick with Covid or you develop the actual illness during travelling, nothing else.  It does not cover due to fear of Covid or because Covid cases increase or because airline and/or tour operator cancel services.  Travel Insurance covers basically not being able to travel or continue travel due to illness. There is "cancellation for any reason policy" but it is quite costly.  Passengers over 80 years old, must be accompanied or purchase the Travel Insurance for their own protection in case of any accident, illness or fall.  Only the help center from the Travel Insurance will be able to help with medical assistance, hospitalization or flights to return home.  The tour guide cannot be held responsible for assisting one person (except for the basic courtesy) because they have a group of passengers to attend.


In our Classic Europe Tours, we can offer DISCOUNTS as follows:  Families of minimum 6 members 5% for each passenger; Children up to 12 years old 20%; and 3rd passenger in the same room 10%  Only one discount can apply, discounts CANNOT be combined!  There are some limitations, criteria and restrictions and it only applies to specific Europe tours, not airfare or other services or destinations. Not valid during Holiday departures.

(Price (what is included):

INCLUDED: Each tour has a detailed list of what is included in our website.  In general, most Europe tour packages we offer include airport transfers, accommodations, breakfasts, tour guide during entire tour, visits to points of interest, transportation from one city/country to another, night tours and some meals, per itinerary.  Each destination is different and your travel consultant can answer all your questions.  Tour prices are per person and based on double occupancy in USD currency. Triple occupancy is not recommended because it will be a folding bed or sofa bed. Single occupancy is available with a supplement, however, we might be able to offer you a Single-Share option (if someone is available).  Please note, if he/she decides to cancel or go with someone else, you will be responsible for paying the single supplement, otherwise, there will be a cancellation penalty.   NOTE: Airfare prices are subject to change without prior notice, until ticket has been paid and ticketed.  Airline tickets are non-refundable & non-transferable.  If you choose to buy your own airfare, to travel in one of our tours, you will be charged a $50 fee for us to arrange your airport/hotel/airport transfers.  You will need to email the flight confirmation/information to your travel consultant, in order to provide you with the transfers.  You will be responsible for any error in the flight information provided.  The Tour Operator reserves the right, if necessary, to substitute hotels. Such substitutions may be made at any time and without prior notice. Viatur cannot be held responsible for substitutions or hotel over-bookings; should such occur.  Whenever a substitution is necessary, hotel will be of similar category or better. Prices are quoted in USD, but based on Euros.  Therefore, depending on exchange rates, prices can fluctuate and are subject to change without notice.

(PRICE (what is not included:

NOT INCLUDED:  Tour guide and chauffer tips/gratuities (minimum $4 per person, per day for Tour Guide and $3 per person, per day to Chauffer).  Porter service ($2 per suitcase), check-in baggage fees, restaurant gratuities, drinks, extra baggage fees, seat assignments, cost of visas, Covid tests, unexpected airport tax or any city and hotel taxes and nothing that is not in written form.  

(Optional tours:

Our tours include visits and entrance fees to points of interest in each city (i.e. Vatican museums).  However, there are "Optional Tours" offered by the tour guide, as an enhancement to your trip (i.e. Moulin Rouge, Versalles, etc). The optional tours are definitely worth it because they visit near-by cities/towns and other major city attractions. If you were to take all optional Tours, you would probably spend about $500depending on the length of the tour.  They are not operated by Viatur and we are not responsible for their cost, duration or quality.

(Spanish Speaking and English-Speaking tour guides:

Our multi-country Europe tours are operated by our Parent company in Spanish, however, we can offer English tours with other tour operators.  Our Spain & Portugal tours will operate in both Spanish and English, unless otherwise stated. In the unusual event that a group is less than 20 passengers, the tour operator reserves the right to operate the tour in a minibus or private cars with a driver-escort, or by rail transportation.  Viatur, as a full service Travel Agency, can offer you any Pleasure Travel Package Worldwide in English or Spanish.  We do not sell airfare only, unless you also want, hotel accommodations for Independent travel.  We arrange Independent, Groups, Private or Cruising travel.


Unless otherwise stated, prices are per person and based on two persons sharing a room with private bath or shower. A limited number of singles rooms are available at additional Single Supplement cost. Triples are not recommended because they don't get a regular size bed but rather a fold-up smaller bed, however, they are available upon request.  

FYI:  The quality and definition of hotel star categories varies very much between each continent, even country and/or city.  Europe in general, 3 star hotel is not centrally located and it could have certain details that indicate the quality is not as great (i.e. bed is not as comfortable, linens are not top rated etc.)  4 star hotel is closer to town with better transportation access to center of town.  Bedding and linens are better quality, the hotel offers more amenities, but no luxuries.  If you consider yourself particular, please choose 4 star.  Hotels vary from one city/country to another, so a 4* in one city could be awesome and a 4* in Paris might be ok.  If you wanted a more plush hotel, you are looking to spend minimum $500 per night in cities like Paris, London, Rome or Madrid. If you do the math, you'll see our Tours offer you an excellent value.    

(Meals and sight-seeing:

As indicated in the itineraries: Meals do not include beverages except coffee or tea with breakfast. Not included in the Tour price: Passport and visa fees, laundry, water, mini-bar usage, tips to maids, waiters, chauffeurs and tour guides or any service not specifically mentioned.  All details of what is included is outlined in the day to day itinerary.  If questions, please ask your travel consultant.

(Cancellations & Changes

  • Airfare: Airline tickets are NON refundable and non-transferable!  If you need a departure date change and the airline allows it, they will apply a stiff penalty of minimum $300 PLUS a difference in airfare (from when you bought it and current price).  Airlines will not allow you to change name on ticket or route.  Viatur must adhere to Airline's policies and add a fee of $75 per ticket, for our time and work on processing your change.  Due to Covid-19, if the airline does not allow you to board a flight due to the lack of required documentation, we are not responsible in any way.   In the rare event that the airline allows you a "credit" for future use the amount will only be a credit, it does not mean they will replace the ticket as originally priced. Therefore, if there is a price difference based on their current rates, the passenger will be responsible for paying the difference or you will loose the credit.  Cruise and Land service penalties are separate.
  • Tours (Land Services): Cancellations (must be in writing) received more than 91 days prior to departure date will have a minimum cancellation fee of $200.00 per person; those received between 90 and 61 days will have a penalty of $500.00 per person; those received between 60 and 31 days will have a penalty of 25%; those received between 30 and 15 days will have a penalty of 50% the; and those received 14 business days or less prior to departure will have no refund! No refunds will be made for "no shows" or for voluntary abandonment of such services as transfers, city tours, meals, accommodations or transportation. If the Tour Operator cancels, they will provide a "credit" of the money you paid for future use. No refunds are provided, but you will not loose your money.  However, if you paid for a tour in low season and then you decide to reschedule for high season, there will be a difference in price that you will be responsable to pay.  Some changes may be approved by the Tour Operator, if a change is requested with more than 60 days before departure. This only applies to qualifing Europe tours.
  • Cruises: We will follow the penalties as outlined by the cruise line plus $100 per person penalty for our time and effort.
  • Important Disclosure: In the event that the Airline, Cruise line or the Tour Operator charge VIATUR a different set of penalties, then those penalties will prevail. In addition to Airline, Cruise line or Tour Operator penalties there will always be a an administrative fee for communication expenses incurred to obtain, cancel and/or change reservations made by VIATUR on your behalf. None of these penalties are waivable under any circumstances. For your protection, please inquire about penalties applicable to your specific travel arrangements and purchase Travel Insurance to ensure your travel plan investment.
  • IMPORTANT:  Please note that our collection of scheduled GROUPS that include airfare in the price have separate conditions of payment.  It is a package deal that includes everything needed to accomplish your trip.  A deposit of $500 will be required to initiate reservation; a second deposit of $1000 will be required 30 days after reservation date and a final payment will be due 90 days before departure.  If the reservation is made within the 90 days, full payment will be due. NOTE: In same cases the payments may be requested sooner to avoid an increase in airfare/tour price or taxes. The increase in gas, energy and inflation have caused airfare, hotels, tour buses, transfers etc to increase.


Viatur holds itself free of any responsibility for any damage caused by service providers (, airlines, tour operator, tour guides, rail, bus, motorcar, boat or any other means). Viatur and/or its agents will not be responsible for the loss or damage of any of the passengers' belongings. Baggage and personal effects are the owner's risk throughout the tour, unless insured. Viatur reserves the right to decline to accept or retain any passenger as a member of the Group Tour at any time, if they are being disruptive or disrespectful to any passenger or staff members.

(Limitations of Liability:

Viatur and its agents act only as agents for the passenger's hotels, restaurants, sightseeing and transportation (such as railroad, aircraft, boat, motorcoach, automobile, or any conveyance). Viatur and its agents shall not be responsible or liable for any injury, loss or damage, delay or inconvenience arising out of or in connection with any defect in an vehicle or any act, omission, neglect, accident, error, or default of any company or person engaged in providing such hotel, restaurant, sightseeing, transportation or other services of the tour. Viatur and its agents shall not be responsible or liable for alterations of the tour itinerary or arrangement, if such alterations become advisable or necessary for the comfort or well being of any passenger, or for any reason whatsoever. The right is reserved to withdraw any or all tours or portions thereof. The sole and exclusive responsibility and liability of the airline shall be in accordance with and as limited by the contract of carriage in the passenger's ticket, the applicable tariffs, and provisions of the Warsaw Convention, if applicable. The airline shall not be responsible or liable for any act, omission or occurrence not limited to hotel accommodations, restaurants, guide services and transportation (other than the airline) that are furnished by contractors that are independent and that do not act on behalf of the airline, are not servants of the airline, and with whom the airline does not have any business relationships, as joint ventures or otherwise. Further, the airline shall not be responsible or liable in any way for the accuracy of representations of Viatur and its agents on tour services other than those contained in the brochure. The services of any I.A.T.A.N. or A.R.C. carrier may be used in the performance of these tours, and references to the airline herein shall be equally applicable to such I.A.T.A.N. or A.R.C. carrier.

(Lay-Away Plan:

The Lay-Away plan is available without any maintenance fee.  You can select any tour with a departure date (10-13 months in advance).  In some cases the airfare cost cannot be determined until 11 months in advance therefore, you can purchase the airfare 4-6 months before travel and then continue with the plan's payments.  You can start your Lay-Away plan with an initial $500 deposit per person and then continue to make monthly payment as it is financially comfortable for you.  The final balance must be paid in full 60 days before departure.  All other Terms & Conditions apply the same as any other travel package.

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